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Welcome. As a visitor, I invite you to become an instrumental part of this evolving journey.

Art is all. The act of creating is essential to me. Through my work, I am able to be wholly present and free. Fueled by intuition and an indefatigable passion, I work in an uninhibited yet absolute fashion. My professional background in Art Direction and Graphic Design honed my compositional prowess. I draw inspiration from everything. Deconstruction of what I see, think and feel is critical to my methodology. I strive for the viewer to become genuinely engrossed and an active participant. Employing a variety of techniques and mediums, I work with great desire and determination to bring my vision forth. Indecision becomes absolute. Nothing goes to waste. It’s all part of the process.

This site serves as a preview to a vast and versatile new showcase of works from 2011 to present- including rare older works and multiple mediums (photos, video, words and experimental).



Please visit my online profiles  on Facebook, Tumblr and Twittert. Contact me regarding availability of the works, print purchasing information and anything else. Keep all into action – this is how to be*


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    Welcome to this portion of the process. Be part of this journey and enjoy these preview showcases. More work will be uploaded soon. I must endeavor on a sabbatical. Out Getting.

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