WAIT> step out safely zompf hears someone roar>> CHECK ON THE GALLERIES. do not forget> also scroll down BELOW.
this dubious, uncertain and all encompassing mass is a wondrous delicately the realm in which my art and life embodies. what is to be approached and handled with caution and hyper-vigilance for the Fear and the threat is real In™. Concrete is Absolute. All those places. Women. Interactions. Law. Darkness. Running. Hiding. Crying.

Cutting. Losing. Beatdowns. What the frock.

Who is connected with me?

Your world shrinks to a nothing nugget

      Being this        GLOBULAR what? That other realm which I have always chased




In the madness and addiction and writing about this now

Makes no sense. I have volumes – oh my. Soo friggin much that I have


Been through.

Experiences. Trials. Tribs——

All is glob

• try to capture it all

• or just BE and LIVE IT™

• victim of theoretical abstraction

• just Art


fragmentation.  NOW LOCK IN  (correlations punology perhaps who care— everything is everything™.


to something or              >> if something is working and coming all together it is Absolute

psychological and emotional. too much on many levels. zompf reticent. ready. no ^^^^

the darkness and muck. the Concrete™—


Greetings. During this part of my process I may not be available to return inquires if you choose to contact me via my email, etc. but feel free to also contact through that method as well. Moreover, if I am not responding and it is a pressing issue (or any!) feel free to contact my brother David Tino. You can find him on Facebook. Thank you.


David Tino




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    Michael Tino

    Fine art and multimedia

    Welcome to this portion of the process. Be part of this journey and enjoy these preview showcases. More work will be uploaded soon. I must endeavor on a sabbatical. Out Getting.

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