Belcher Family Photos circa 1960's-70's.

Swirls and circles divided by the magic of decision - finally made for me.

yes the banana. take on. this piece entitled brush duck™  -

a take of the dadaist piece "banana on the wall" what have you.


it is nothing new folks. just new in this new. dig.



{the blue jay (cyanocitta cristata)
is a noisy, bold and aggressive passerine. it is a moderately slow flier (roughly 32–40 km/h (20–25 mph)) when unprovoked. it flies with body and tail held level, with slow wing beats. due to its slow flying speeds, this species makes easy prey for hawks and owls when flying in open areas.}


the binaries. the duality of blue jays. their determination of flight and assertion of aggression while graceful beauty competes like a half-court three-point 3-point shot         into a nest. i      am blue king swath of graceful fear. understand this notion of innate ornithology. there were two splashes of beauty that preceded my determined pace almost as if guiding me—

directing me            towards the

precarious      pace almost as if

leading me towards the obligatory—

    is there a sensible, quantifiable way     out of this

latest disaster?

            a crispness and clarity to my thoughts

and musings were sent aloft.

        grew wholly present, acutely     aware of my astringent yet comforting environment.

      thoughts flooded me like a busting damn on     standby. the     blue jays

                  observed and contemplated preying on me.

again—  the  biting yet comforting environmental thoughts flooded me: past.   present. future.

                 do blue jays think of future?

it was    evident that this moment was paramount and necessary— yet i prey on

               no one but inner-self commingling        with the high trees.

i wrote that early while observing the low-to-high swoon then     resumed my reading.

                    straying from the glum redundancy enabled me to keep focused.

    blue jays have the inclination to chase the              predatory wise owl.

        this ornithological behavior requires      deft focus to be sure.

what is important for me         is maintaining a methodical, organized

            train of thought.

blue binaries      simulates the dichotomy of the beautiful blue jay.

         soon, he will undoubtedly     prey on me.
-michael tino 11/2013. tino poetics. tino poems and drawings. blue jay - mixed media on paper late 2019. collection of Tamara White. External link opens in new tab or window

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FELON5. michael tino. oil and graphite on canvas. 30x30" . 2013. yes

FELON5. michael tino. oil and graphite on canvas. 30x30" . 2013. yes