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standard bustling occurring outside his freakishly considerate doors, zompf stood— moon wan. everything began an incremental reversal <> like now.

like the Polarity

like Hemlock
the Paradigm (must show process) has shifted.

zompf stood keen and he was composed. is composed. remains this way. the poetic and pragmatic faculties become balanced. pondering and vacillating over the GLOBex, zompf felt something off kilter-incongruous, an undulating wave of impending doom> he decided <action> tempered and astute detachment necessary. disassociation with the nebulous mass for a bit. zompf's intermittent ideologies, philosophies and experiences conflicted with goals and responsibilities before him. has zompf>> become the globular? a seeming ultimate victim of theoretical abstraction? zompf ambling, creates in his mind detailed composition of everything he perceives - seemingly all the time. psychological and emotional. too much on many levels. zompf reticent. ready. no ^^^^

the darkness and muck. the Concrete


      THERE. FEAR.

Now I’m not dreaming.

I want e




the IN™. Process. Nothing to be done.


     The GLOBex is robbing me of my dreams— zompf ponders.


Perhaps the GLOBex – yes, has been the conduit to get zompf to thrust it all into the dynamic and beautiful mysterious state of Be™ –

The action stage. Tino Art. Out Getting It.


zompf waits with great cunning and preparation.


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    Michael Tino

    Fine art and multimedia

    Welcome to this portion of the process. Be part of this journey and enjoy these preview showcases. More work will be uploaded soon. I must endeavor on a sabbatical. Out Getting.

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